Encanto Trivia Quiz

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Encanto trivia to test their knowledge of one of Disney’s hit movies? From the magical Madrigal family to the original songs that captivate our hearts, there’s a lot to uncover about this film. Whether you’ve watched it once, twice, or too many times to count, we’re sure there are still some fun facts and trivia you might not know.

Below, we have categorized different Encanto trivia questions for you to enjoy. Want even more movie trivia fun? Dive into Frozen triviaShrek trivia, and Toy Story trivia!

First try your Encanto knowledge with this video of 15 Encanto Quiz questions! Are you a true fan? Can you get 15 out of 15 correct?

Characters & Voice Actors

  1. Who is the only Madrigal family member without a magical gift?
  2. Which actress voices Mirabel Madrigal?
  3. Which family member possesses super strength as their magical power?
  4. Which Madrigal family member can hear a pin drop no matter how far away it is?
  5. Who is the youngest member of the Madrigal family?
  6. What is Abuela’s real name, or Alma Madrigal’s full name?
  7. Who directed Disney’s Encanto, along with Byron Howard?
  8. Which Madrigal family member can heal with their cooking?

Songs & Music: Encanto Trivia

  1. Who wrote the original songs for Encanto?
  2. What’s the song that sings about the weight of the Madrigal family’s expectations?
  3. Which song from Encanto received an Academy Award nomination?
  4. Which Encanto song made it to the Billboard Hot 100?

Plot & Scenes: Encanto Trivia

  1. What is the name of the family’s sentient house?
  2. What special day is happening at the beginning of the film Encanto?
  3. What is Antonio’s gift that he receives on the day of his ceremony?
  4. Which type of plant does Isabela Madrigal control as her magical ability?
  5. What’s the main cause of the armed conflict that appears in Abuela’s backstory?
  6. Which Madrigal family member tends to have eye twitches?
  7. What’s the type of animal that accompanies Antonio?
  8. What significant event happens at the end of the movie?

Behind the Scenes

  1. What’s a prominent song in Encanto that Lin-Manuel Miranda stated was inspired by his own family relationships?
  2. Which Encanto character was revealed to be inspired by the director Jared Bush’s own grandfather?
  3. Stephanie Beatriz, who voices Mirabel, had her voice featured in which other popular animated film?
  4. Which quirky characters in the film were initially designed as infant triplets?

Fun Facts: Encanto Trivia

  1. Before settling on “Encanto”, what was a potential title for the movie?
  2. Which Encanto character was originally conceived with superhuman strength?
  3. How does the rest of the family treat Mirabel due to her lack of a magical gift?
  4. Which actor made their singing debut with the songs of Encanto?
  5. Which main character of the movie Encanto doesn’t have their magical ceremony during the film’s events?
  6. Where can fans find a fun Encanto trivia quiz or kahoot game to test their knowledge further?

Answers to the Encanto Trivia Quiz:

  1. Mirabel Madrigal is the only person in the Madrigal family without a magical gift.
  2. Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel Madrigal.
  3. Luisa Madrigal possesses super strength.
  4. Dolores Madrigal can hear a pin drop no matter how far away.
  5. Antonio is the youngest member.
  6. Her full name is Alma Madrigal.
  7. Jared Bush directed it alongside Byron Howard.
  8. Julieta Madrigal can heal with her cooking.
  9. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the songs.
  10. “Surface Pressure” is the song.
  11. “Dos Oruguitas” received the nomination.
  12. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” made it to the Billboard Hot 100.
  13. The sentient house is named Casita.
  14. Antonio’s gift ceremony is happening.
  15. Antonio’s gift is communicating with animals.
  16. Isabela controls flowers.
  17. A colonial conflict caused the armed conflict in Abuela’s story.
  18. Isabela has the eye twitches.
  19. A jaguar accompanies Antonio.
  20. The magical home, Casita, rebuilds itself.
  21. “Dos Oruguitas” was inspired by Lin-Manuel’s family.
  22. Abuelo Pedro was inspired by Jared Bush’s grandfather.
  23. Stephanie Beatriz voiced in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.
  24. The triplets are the toucans.
  25. It was potentially titled “Casita”.
  26. Bruno Madrigal was conceived with superhuman strength.
  27. They treat her normally, but with a degree of pity.
  28. John Leguizamo, who voiced Bruno.
  29. Mirabel Madrigal doesn’t have her ceremony.
  30. Fans can find Encanto trivia quizzes and kahoot games on various social media platforms and dedicated quiz sites.

Now that you’ve taken this dive into Encanto trivia, why not challenge your friends and family to a fun trivia game? Or perhaps aim for a perfect score on another Disney quiz. Good luck and enjoy!