Home Alone Trivia Questions and Answers: Movie Quiz Fun

It’s that time of year again: the holiday season, where a favorite pastime for many is curling up with some hot cocoa and revisiting classic holiday movies. And what could be more iconic than “Home Alone?” It’s not just a Christmas movie, but a testament to the genius of John Hughes and the brilliant direction of Chris Columbus. But how well do you know this film? Time to find out with our Home Alone trivia!

Before diving into our ultimate Home Alone quiz, why not warm up with a short 15-question Home Alone Trivia Quiz video?

Let’s dive into our Home Alone trivia questions, and see if you’re a true Home Alone aficionado!

Home Alone Trivia: The Basics

  1. Who played the role of young Kevin McCallister?
  2. Name Kevin’s mom in the movie.
  3. What city is the McCallister house located in?
  4. Which city does Kevin’s family fly to for their Christmas vacation?
  5. What does Kevin wish for on the night before his family leaves?

Home Alone Trivia: Iconic Characters

  1. Who played the role of Harry, one of the Wet Bandits?
  2. Which legendary actor had a cameo as a polka band leader?
  3. Who is Kevin’s older brother that often bullies him?
  4. Who is known for saying the iconic quote, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal” in a movie within the movie?
  5. Name Kevin’s cousin who makes fun of a girl in a picture.

Home Alone Trivia: Behind the Scenes

  1. Who directed the first Home Alone film?
  2. Which famous Breakfast Club actress played Kevin’s mom?
  3. Who wrote the screenplay for Home Alone?
  4. Which renowned composer created the iconic score for the movie?
  5. What was used to mimic snow in some of the scenes?

Movie Moments

  1. What kind of pizza does Little Nero’s deliver to the McCallister house?
  2. What does Marv step on when trying to enter Kevin’s house?
  3. Which booby trap does Harry use to try and catch Kevin?
  4. What movie does Kevin watch that features the line “Angels with Filthy Souls?”
  5. Who does Kevin meet on Christmas Eve that changes his perspective?

Home Alone Trivia: Fun Facts

  1. What did the crew use to protect Daniel Stern’s barefoot scenes?
  2. What was the box office earning of the first Home Alone film?
  3. Which actor improvised most of his lines?
  4. In which film of the Home Alone series did Kevin not appear?
  5. What was the average rating of the first Home Alone film?

More Movie Details

  1. Where does Kevin’s mom find him at the end of the movie?
  2. What gift does Kevin find under the tree on Christmas day?
  3. What is the name of the picture Kevin finds of Buzz’s girlfriend?
  4. Which Christmas game does the whole family play?
  5. How does Kevin describe the third floor of the house?
  6. What does Kevin lip-sync to in a memorable scene?
  7. Which actor had never been slapped in real life before filming their first take for Home Alone?
  8. How does Kevin scare off the pizza delivery guy?
  9. How much money does Kevin give to Santa Claus?
  10. What plans did the burglars make for robbing the McCallister house?

Answers to the Home Alone Trivia Quiz

The Basics

  1. Young Kevin McCallister: Macaulay Culkin.
  2. Kevin’s mom: Catherine O’Hara.
  3. Location of McCallister house: Chicago.
  4. Destination for Kevin’s family vacation: Paris.
  5. Kevin’s wish: For his family to disappear.

Iconic Characters

  1. Role of Harry: Played by Joe Pesci.
  2. Polka band leader: John Candy as Gus Polinski.
  3. Kevin’s older brother: Buzz.
  4. Character who says “Keep the change, ya filthy animal”: Johnny from “Angels with Filthy Souls.”
  5. Kevin’s cousin: Rod.

Behind the Scenes

  1. Director of the first Home Alone film: Chris Columbus.
  2. Actress who played Kevin’s mom: Catherine O’Hara.
  3. Screenplay writer: John Hughes.
  4. Composer of the score: John Williams.
  5. Used to mimic snow: Potato flakes.

Movie Moments

  1. Pizza from Little Nero’s: Cheese pizza.
  2. What Marv steps on: Toy cars and later, nails.
  3. Harry’s booby trap: Burning his hand on the doorknob.
  4. Movie Kevin watches: “Angels with Filthy Souls.”
  5. Person Kevin meets on Christmas Eve: Old Man Marley.

Fun Facts

  1. Protection for Daniel Stern’s feet: Rubber feet.
  2. Box office earnings for the first Home Alone film: Over $475 million.
  3. Actor who improvised most lines: Joe Pesci.
  4. Home Alone film without Kevin: “Home Alone 3.”
  5. Average rating of the first Home Alone film: 7.6/10.

More Movie Details

  1. Where Kevin’s mom finds him: At the church.
  2. Gift under the tree for Kevin: Toothbrush.
  3. Picture of Buzz’s girlfriend: Labeled “woof”.
  4. Christmas game played by the family: Scrabble.
  5. Description of the third floor: “Creepy.”
  6. Song Kevin lip-syncs to: “White Christmas.”
  7. Actor slapped for the first time on set: Joe Pesci.
  8. How Kevin scares the pizza guy: Using the “Angels with Filthy Souls” film.
  9. Amount Kevin gives to Santa Claus: $20.
  10. Burglars’ plan: To rob the McCallister house on Christmas Eve.

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