Hocus Pocus Trivia

There’s nothing quite like settling down with some popcorn and diving into Hocus Pocus trivia as Halloween approaches. Fans of the iconic movie know that its charm lies in the details. So, just how well do you know these details?

Before we begin, if you’re looking for a more interactive challenge, join our 15 questions video Hocus Pocus quiz and see if you’re truly bewitched by this cult classic. But first, test your knowledge with these 40 fascinating Hocus Pocus trivia questions!

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Character Deep Dive

1. Who did Bette Midler portray in the movie?
2. Kathy Najimy played which Sanderson sister?
3. Who is cursed to live as a black cat named Thackery Binx?
4. Which Sanderson sister is constantly lured by little children?
5. Who played the role of Max Dennison?
6. Who played Max’s little sister, Dani Dennison?
7. Which character did Sarah Jessica Parker play?
8. Who is Billy Butcherson in relation to the Sanderson sisters?
9. Who was Emily Binx in the story?
10. Who plays the role of Sarah Sanderson?

Memorable Movie Moments

11. What happens when the black flame candle is lit by a virgin on a full moon’s night?
12. At what location did Max light the black flame candle?
13. Which famous actor was originally considered for the role of Max Dennison?
14. What’s the name of the high school in the film?
15. How does Billy Butcherson communicate after being resurrected?
16. Which song does Sarah Sanderson enchantingly sing to lure the children?
17. What do the Sanderson sisters mistakenly believe is the “burning rain of death”?
18. How do the sisters meet their end at the end of the film?
19. What does Dani offer Binx at the beginning of the movie?
20. What Halloween costume does Dani Dennison wear?

Behind the Movie Magic

21. Who directed Hocus Pocus?
22. Tony Gardner had a special role in creating what unique effect in the movie?
23. Why were animatronic cats used in several scenes?
24. Which actor required a latex pocket for a special prop in the movie?
25. Where was the Hocus Pocus set primarily located?
26. Which rap singer made a brief cameo in the film?
27. What vital ingredient do the sisters need from Max at the Halloween party?
28. How was the mouth rig for Billy Butcherson’s sewn-shut mouth created?
29. Which character exclaims, “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!”?
30. What iconic item does Winifred use to suck the life out of children?

General Hocus Pocus Trivia

31. What era does the beginning of the film depict?
32. Name all three Sanderson sisters.
33. How are the Sanderson sisters related to the events of the Salem witch trials?
34. What type of candy bar does Dani detest?
35. In what year did Hocus Pocus originally release?
36. Who portrayed Dani’s mother in the film?
37. What does Max’s dad dress as for Halloween?
38. Who plays the role of the school principal?
39. Which city did Max’s family move from to Salem?
40. What potion ingredient is the “chocolate-covered finger of a man”?

Hocus Pocus Trivia Answers

Character Deep Dive Answers

1. Bette Midler portrayed the formidable and dramatic Winifred Sanderson in the movie.

2. Kathy Najimy brought to life the character of Mary Sanderson, the middle Sanderson sister.

3. A young boy named Thackery Binx was tragically cursed by the Sanderson sisters to live as a black cat.

4. Sarah Sanderson, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has a mesmerizing voice that she uses to lure little children.

5. The rebellious teenager Max Dennison was played by Omri Katz.

6. Thora Birch took on the role of Dani Dennison, Max’s brave little sister.

7. In Hocus Pocus, Sarah Jessica Parker played the enchanting Sarah Sanderson.

8. Billy Butcherson, portrayed by Doug Jones, was once Winifred Sanderson’s lover until she betrayed him.

9. Emily Binx, portrayed by Amanda Shepherd, is the tragic younger sister of Thackery Binx who lost her life to the Sanderson sisters.

10. The role of the mesmerizing Sarah Sanderson was skillfully played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Memorable Movie Moments Answers

11. When the black flame candle is lit by a virgin on a full moon’s night, it resurrects the Sanderson sisters from the dead.

12. Max Dennison daringly lit the black flame candle inside the Sanderson house.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally considered for the role of Max Dennison but ended up pursuing another project.1

4. The name of the high school in the film is Jacob Bailey High School.

15. After his resurrection, Billy Butcherson communicates by opening his sewn-shut mouth and speaking in a raspy voice.

16. Sarah Sanderson hauntingly sings “Come Little Children” to hypnotically lure the children of Salem.

17. The Sanderson sisters amusingly mistake a firefighter’s water hose as the “burning rain of death.”

18. The Sanderson sisters meet their end when they are turned to stone by the rising sun at the end of the film.

19. At the beginning of the movie, the compassionate Dani offers Binx a saucer of milk.

20. Dani Dennison proudly wears a witch costume for Halloween.

Behind the Movie Magic Answers

21. Hocus Pocus was directed by the talented Kenny Ortega.

22. Special-effects designer Tony Gardner was instrumental in creating Billy Butcherson’s unique sewn-shut mouth rig.

23. Animatronic cats were employed in various scenes for complex actions that a real cat couldn’t perform safely or convincingly.

24. Doug Jones, who played Billy Butcherson, had a latex pocket created to hold the moths that emerge from his mouth in one scene.

25. While many scenes were shot on location in Salem, Massachusetts, most of the Hocus Pocus set was located in a studio in Los Angeles.

26. Rap singer Ice-T made a fleeting cameo appearance in the film.

27. At the Halloween party, the Sanderson sisters require Max’s shoes as a vital ingredient for their potion.

28. The mouth rig for Billy Butcherson’s sewn-shut mouth was crafted using latex and practical effects.

29. Max Dennison exclaims the memorable line, “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!”

30. Winifred uses a magical potion to suck the life force out of children, restoring her youth.

General Hocus Pocus Trivia Answers 

31. The beginning of the film is set during the Salem witch trials in the late 17th century.

32. The three Sanderson sisters are Winifred, Mary, and Sarah.

33. The Sanderson sisters were witches during the time of the Salem witch trials and were hanged for their crimes, including the death of Emily Binx.

34. Dani Dennison has a strong aversion to candy corn.

35. Hocus Pocus originally graced theaters in the year 1993.

36. Penny Marshall portrayed the character of Dani’s mother in the film.

37. For Halloween, Max’s dad humorously dresses as Dracula.

38. The role of the school principal is played by Stephanie Faracy.

39. Max and his family moved from Los Angeles to Salem.

40. The “chocolate-covered finger of a man” is a quirky name the sisters use for a dark candy treat.

Now that you’ve got the answers, how did you fare? Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard Hocus Pocus enthusiast, there’s always more to learn and love about this classic Halloween film!